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​​​​​​​​​​​​Dayboro Digital Learners for the Future

Technology is woven into every aspect of our lives, therefore the integration of technology into the classroom is necessary.

The way in which teachers and students communicate and engage in the teaching and learning process is fundamentally altered when technology is embedded.

The integration of mobile devices such as the iPad open up a whole new world of personalised learning, creativity, collaboration and engagement.

In 2024 Dayboro State School is introducing a BYO iPad program initially to all year 4 classes, with a view for expansion in the years ahead.

This page contains the information you will need for your student to be involved in this exciting initiative.

The Dayboro Digital Learners for the Future Policy (PDF, 1.1 ​MB) document contains key information with our reasoning for introducing this program, how we plan to implement the roll out of BYO iPads at Dayboro SS, responsibilities of students, parents and the school, equipment required, minimum specification for devices, cyber safety and a FAQ section for parents.

To be part of the Dayboro State School BYO iPad programs, students and parents will be required to agree to and sign the Digital learners agreement (PDF, 149​ KB) and follow all of the Digital learning rules (PDF, 319 KB).

Device recommendations

A full-size iPad that is capable of running the latest version of iOS, currently iOS 17. e.g., iPad 7th Gen or newer, 128GB or higher (256GB Recommended) Note: iPad minis are not supported as they do not meet the minimum resolution and screen size requirements set by ACARA standards.

  • All apps installed as per required iPad app list (PDF, 394 KB)
  • An iPad cover that will provide robust protection (must encase entire iPad and preferably have a built-in stand)
  • Headphones with microphone (over the head style)


2 Year Apple Care


  • Screen Protector (highly recommended)
  • Keyboard of case with built-in keyboard
  • Stylus - Apple Pencil or equivalent pencil
  • carry bag or slipcase


We strongly recommend that all personal electronic devices are insured against accidental damage, loss and theft. You can either:

​include the iPad on your home and contents insurance or contact an insurer that offers specific student device cover products.

The school takes no responsibility for damage and/or theft.

Getting your BYO device ready for school: Intune

In order to connect your child’s iPad to the departments Wi-Fi network and for the device to function correctly at school you will be required to follow the How to guide - Enrol your BYO iOS device (iPad) device into Intune or watch the Intune- iOS enrolment video on YouTube.


All apps on the iPad app list (PDF, 394 KB) will be required to be installed on your students iPad either by: 1. for free apps using the Company Portal app as described in the Enrol your BYO iOS device (iPad) device into Intune or,​ 2. by installing via the Apple app store app using your own Apple ID.

Information about Apple ID's can be found by watching Apples Support video What is an Apple ID? and in their guide Create an Apple ID for your child.

​Family sharing

If you have more than one student at Dayboro State School, you can also utilise Family Sharing. Family Sharing makes it easy for up to six family members to share iTunes, Apple Books and App Store purchases and iCloud storage plans if you have those options.

This means that any paid apps etc. you buy them once and are then able to install them on all of your family devices as required.

Your family can also share a photo album, calendar, reminders and even help locate each other’s missing devices.

To set up family sharing please follow Apple's guide to Set up Family Sharing​​.

There is also great information about managing iOS devices on Apples Familieswebpage.​


It is recommended that parents setup a School Focus using the Focus settings on your child’s iPad. Information about Focus can be found in Apple’s Focus guide​ or by watching ​How to set up a custom focus.

Parental guide for iPad management

Apple has extensive information to assist you to manage your child’s iPad in their guide to Use parental controls on your child's iPhone, iPad and iPod touch​.

Accessibility features on iPad

There are many accessibility features available on iOS that can help your child if they have particular requirements, either physical or mental to assist them with their learning. You can learn more about these features in Apple’s guide Get started with accessibility features on iPad.

As part of the program, if you are unable to provide a compatible device for your child, we may be able to provide an iPad for your student to use in class, however this may be on a shared basis due to numbers and resourcing within the school. 

School provided iPads must remain at school.​

If you have further questions or require further information please feel free to Contact us.


Last reviewed 17 November 2023
Last updated 17 November 2023